Bella Poarch releases TikTok sound for new song ‘Dolls’ and it’s a banger

bella poarch on tiktokTikTok, Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch fans might be counting down the days until her new song ‘Dolls’ is released, but her TikTok followers have been given a sneak peek – and they are loving it. 

Poarch has 90 million TikTok followers, and recorded over two billion views since making her account.

The music star has perfected the art of having her new tracks go viral on social media in the past, with some ‘Build A Bitch’ videos previously breaking the internet. Just her Times Square billboard clip last year – advertising her music – racked up over four million likes.

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With her latest release coming on July 15, called Dolls, the 25-year-old model is hyping things up again with two fresh TikToks.

Bella Poarch new song ‘Dolls’ teased on TikTok

On July 1, just a fortnight away from release day, she’s rolled out another video teasing Dolls.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise if the clip sparked a new trend, either, as she starts out with a very baggy hoodie on. Seconds later, she’s wearing one of her glamorous costumes from the music video.

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This means that Dolls is now available as a short 15-second TikTok sound, so fans can attach it to their videos. If you need a guide on how TikTok sounds work, you can find that here.

Soon after, she did exactly the same thing – this time in a bath towel.

Bella Poarch fans react

Replies have been pouring in from users ever since, with one saying: “I can’t wait for this masterpiece!” Another said: “What I really love about Bella’s Music is that it has a storyline and meaning.”

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A third comment reads: “Sometimes I forget she’s originally a TikToker, her music really makes her stand out from her counterparts who are pursuing music as well.”

The upload came just a day after posting a short Dolls music video trailer, leaving fans highly anticipating the rollout of her next hit on July 1.

A countdown has already started on YouTube, which will unveil the entire music video on the big day. On top of that, the talented singer has also announced there will be a Build A Bitch Part 2 record coming out soon – after the original reached 400 million views on YouTube.

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