Sweet Anita’s brutal tic “shades” Greekgodx at the perfect time

Virginia Glaze
Sweet_Anita, Twitch / Greekgodx, Twitter

Twitch star “Sweet Anita” is unlike other personalities on Twitch due to her acute Tourette’s syndrome, which interrupted an otherwise wholesome moment describing her friendship with fellow streamer Greekgodx.

Sweet Anita is one of Twitch’s fastest rising stars, known for her supportive community, witty sense of humor, and efforts to educate viewers about the facts of Tourette’s syndrome.

However, just as popular are the hilarious moments that arise from her condition, which often arise at untimely moments, sending certain streams and interactions completely off the rails.

Sweet_Anita, Twitch
Sweet Anita is a popular face on Twitch, known for her witty sense of humor and acute Tourette’s Syndrome.

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One such moment occurred during a January 30 broadcast, where she was asked about her opinion on Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antonatos, another popular Twitch star.

While the two have become fast friends in recent days, Anita’s Tourette’s derailed her response to the curious viewer who’d made the inquiry, instead offering a hilariously-timed insult aimed at her fellow streamer.

Greekgodx, Twitter
Twitch streamer “Greekgodx” is another popular face on the platform, who Anita was asked about during a January live stream.

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“Are you and Greek still friends?” she read aloud. “No! F**k him! F**k him! Wow! ‘Cause nobody else does!”

Although the body language exhibited during her answer clearly defined the explosive response as a tic, she went on to clarify her true thoughts on their friendship, admitting that she does, in fact, value his companionship.

“Yeah, I think he’s awesome,” she explained. “Yeah, why wouldn’t we be friends? What did he say?”

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This isn’t the first time Anita and Greek have interacted during live broadcasts, by far: Anita also received a generous Twitch host from Antonatos a few days prior, to which she had a similarly humorous reaction that caused her to hurriedly explain her condition to the horde of new viewers.

Despite her Tourette’s syndrome, Anita is quite open about the matter, and often encourages viewers to laugh at funny moments and ask questions regarding her condition.

To Anita, her Tourette’s isn’t something that holds her back on an otherwise tumultuous platform, claiming that she’s grateful to have such a platform to educate the masses about Tourette’s and the fearful stigma surrounding it — even in the face of past controversies.