Sweet Anita takes over CodeMiko’s Twitch stream in hilarious VTuber crossover

Julian Young
Sweet Anita CodeMiko Twitch Vtuber Crossover

Sweet Anita and CodeMiko are two of Twitch’s most entertaining personalities, and the pair joined forces to create a hilarious VTuber crossover that had fans melting down in laughter for hours.

As two of Twitch’s most well-known entertainers, Sweet Anita and CodeMiko both draw fans to their channels in the thousands each time they boot up their streams.

They both share many of the same traits that draw viewers in time after time: eccentric personalities, a penchant for being brutally honest with viewers and their fellow streamers, and content that is impossible to come by elsewhere on the platform.

It makes perfect sense that the two creators would not only cross paths but join forces to push their hilarious streams to a whole new level — and that’s exactly what happened when Sweet Anita donned CodeMiko’s virtual get-up and took on the VTuber’s role as a ruthless interviewer.

Sweet Anita CodeMiko Twitch Stream Screenshot
Sweet Anita threw herself into the role of CodeMiko, and hilarity quickly ensued.

On June 19, the two Twitch personalities hopped on CodeMiko’s stream together with a slightly different setup than most fans are used to seeing: Anita and Miko’s ‘technician’ both appeared on-stream in real-life — but things didn’t stay that way for long.

The real meat of the stream got underway as the technician began helping Anita put on her motion-capture gear and explaining the ins and outs of conducting a VTuber stream, much to the delight of their combined fan bases.

The stage was soon set, and Sweet Anita fully assumed Miko’s virtual identity. However, the shenanigans didn’t stop there as Anita turned the tables on her fellow streamer and assumed the role of interviewer, putting the technician herself in the hot-seat for a change.

Absolute hilarity quickly ensued as Anita passionately embraced Miko’s role, with Twitch chat loving every second of the crossover.

Plenty of entertaining and unexpected moments were captured during the crossover stream, with Anita’s unique and shining personality perfectly complementing her newfound Vtuber persona, all while mercilessly tormenting Miko with hilarious questions.

Whenever two creators like Sweet Anita and CodeMiko come together for a joint stream they’re sure to draw a large crowd, but this particular performance stands out as a perfect highlight of the value that two truly unique personalities can provide when teaming up for a steam.