Super Mario Bros Plumbing trailer features hidden message from Charlie Day’s Luigi

The Super Mario. Bros Plumbing movie trailer has all kinds of Easter eggs.Illumination/Nintendo

The Super Mario Bros. move is on the horizon and the new Plumbing trailer has a secret message from Luigi, played by Charlie Day, hidden inside of it.

Illumination’s Super Mario Bros. film is a star-studded adaptation of the beloved video game franchise and the marketing for the movie is now utilizing Charlie Day’s signature silliness.

On February 12, the studio released a trailer that shows the franchise’s iconic leading duo hard at work as plumbers, and just like Stranger Things did before them, the phone number in the trailer is attached to an IRL Easter egg for those curious enough to call.

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Luigi’s hidden message in the new Super Mario Bros. movie trailer

Not only is there a functional phone number with a pre-recorded message (which we won’t spoil), but there is also a functional website setup to represent Super Mario Bros. Plumbing.

Anyone interested in hearing what he has to say can call 929-55-MARIO (929-556-2746).

SMBPlumbing is a simple site with links to testimonials, contact information, and even a Careers page for those interested in becoming a fictional plumber as well. There’s nothing actually on that part of the site yet, but it does tease that something is coming soon, though that could just be part of the joke.

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The reviews come from suspiciously familiar usernames. Fiver-star reviewer BrosMom noted that the mustachioed men treated her like family, while SpikeIsCool claimed that there is “no loyalty” from the pair.

This is likely in reference to Foreman Spike of Wrecking Crew, which was one of the first titles to feature the Mario Universe characters. In the game, Spike owned the site where both Mario and Luigi worked as demolition men of sorts.

Spending some time digging through everything in the trailer and the additional treats will be a nice way for fans to kill time until the Super Mario Bros. movie arrives on April 7.

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