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Summit1g’s New Year Sea of Thieves heist goes badly wrong

Published: 1/Jan/2019 13:28 Updated: 1/Jan/2019 13:39

by David Purcell


Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar might have made his name as a good shooter in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but in Sea of Thieves he’s become a master of treasure heists. Or, at least he was in 2018. 

During one of the streamer’s first heists of the new year, though, it would seem that he may have lost his touch for stealthy treasure theft. 

Summit was streaming a heist on January 1 and repeated his tactics of old, hiding in the captain’s quarters of a Galleon, where he suspected that the team would soon leave him alone with their precious loot. But, it never quite worked out like he will have intended. 


The popular streamer was initially hiding amongst the team’s chests before deciding to return to his usual spot, hidden behind a chair, as he tried to scout out their next move.

However, one member of the crew started to walk around the room with their lantern and caught sight of him. “Hey, you all see this fucker?” one said before taking a shot at Summit. “He’s right here. Kill him, fucking kill him!” 

It wasn’t a success like usual, but a total disaster. He escaped fairly quickly, ate a banana and jumped overboard. “I got caught! I got caught!” Summit told his shocked teammates, before he was shot dead underwater after realizing he had no ammo.


It’s shocking to see the streamer come unstuck with what’s usually a very successful play, but we’re sure he’ll bounce back again soon.