Summit1g pulls off heist of the century in Sea of Thieves, escapes in row boat with crew's loot - Dexerto

Summit1g pulls off heist of the century in Sea of Thieves, escapes in row boat with crew’s loot

Published: 14/Dec/2018 11:29 Updated: 14/Dec/2018 12:32

by David Purcell


Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar pulled off one of the most stealthy heists seen on Sea of Thieves as he approached a team’s ship, boarded, hid almost in plain sight and escaped with all of their loot on a rowing boat – bobbling into the distance. 

Summit, one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, decided to swim his way over to a Galleon he spotted near The Crooked Masts, after he had a hunch that the team might have something of great value on board. 

He said: “If you go too close, everyone’s on guard. These guys are definitely teaming though, which is perfect because that smells like Athena [Chest] to me.”


RareSummit has been a fan of Sea of Thieves since it was released in March.

After boarding the ship without being caught, he sat tight for quite some time. Hidden behind a chair in the map room, Summit counted down the amount of stops left on the crew’s voyage as they got moving, taking quick peaks at what they had to offer. 

He was right, the Athena Chest was right there in front of him. 

When the team eventually stopped off, the popular streamer snapped into action and swiftly took their loot piece-by-piece towards the back of their boat. 

The team fired themselves closer to a nearby island using cannons, completely oblivious to what was happening right under their noses. 


After stocking up a rowing boat with a shed-load of skulls and his long sought after Athena chest, Summit slipped away totally unnoticed to complete his mission. 

We can only imagine the team’s reaction when they returned to their Galleon, only to find an empty bed where the loot they collected was once placed.