Summit1g leaves yet another crew reeling after hilarious Sea of Thieves heist - Dexerto

Summit1g leaves yet another crew reeling after hilarious Sea of Thieves heist

Published: 17/Dec/2018 11:12 Updated: 17/Dec/2018 11:18

by David Purcell


Just days after Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar patiently hid on another crew’s boat and stole their entire collection of skulls and Athena Chests, he’s topped it with an even more lucrative heist. 

The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer has been terrorizing teams on Sea of Thieves lately, in search of sought after treasures. Judging by this video, it looks like he isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. 

This heist was much more lucrative than his last as well, as he found himself on board a Galleon with three Athena Chests. So, he started making moves. 


As we’ve seen before, there’s usually only a few seconds between the crew’s slight lapse in concentration and Summit beginning to move all of their loot to the back end of the Galleon and escape without a trace.

Summit waited right under the nose of the team he was about to steal from, crouching behind a chair in the map room of the ship. From there, he quickly worked out the direction in which the team was headed, by listening carefully to their voices. 

He informed his team quickly, maybe so they could swoop in and help him. Summit said: “100% they’re sailing for Plunder. That’s what they’ve just said. Let’s sail for Plunder dude, when they get them all on.”


Then, quickly putting together a new strategy to escape with the loot unharmed, Summit suggested a tactic we’ve seen work for him in the past. 

“I can jack their shit and get out on a rowboat right now. You think I should rowboat them right now?” he added, before his team rammed into the ship causing a distraction. 

Summit snapped into action, promptly, and went for the rowboat play again in this amazing heist. 

After whisking into the distance with three Athena Chests on his small wooden boat, the streamer went back on board their ship and helped kill them all.


One player from the defeated crew said: “I’m done” before the entire team disconnected from the game. 

It just doesn’t get much better than that.