Summit1g floored by crazy old man’s trash talking in GTA RP

Steam / Rockstar

different characters during each streaming session

Many people decide to play off on age-old stereotypes and where Eugene is concerned, a figure that could be likened to Grampa Simpson from The Simpsons in many ways, there was no way that he was going to let a “whippersnapper” like Summit1g take over his turf in Los Santos without a fight. 

Twitch: SsaabYou just don’t know who you’re going to meet next in GTA RP…
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Summit and his teammate ‘taco’ were speaking on the phone as he drove his way down Rockford Hills, before an older gentleman speeding around on his bicycle caught his attention – Eugene. As they drove past him, Summit shouted: “Hey Eugene, get out of the fucking road man!” 

He might have thought that it was the last they would see of the character, but even with a push bike as his vehicle, Eugene quickly caught up with the vehicle and confronted Summit on Eastbourne Way – claiming it as his own “turf”. 

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Once the two players had settled their differences, and Summit admitted that he wasn’t tracking Eugene for an earlier robbery he was involved in, the conversation took a very different turn as they were about to part ways. 

“You will never understand what it’s like to fight in 39 world wars, you never will!” the player said, before being asked to name at least ten of them. 

Well, if his trash talk wasn’t already on another level, the way he quickly reels off a list of conflicts just seconds later was second to none. Although, we highly doubt that he fought in both the Battle of Hastings and the Clone Wars from the Star Wars prequels…

Not everybody will be a huge fan of the mod, but it certainly does open up the doors to hilarious conversations like this that would never take place in the normal Grand Theft Auto Online mode and some fans just can’t get enough of Summit1g playing it.