Hasan reveals Twitch warned him to stop helping viewers avoid ads

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Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker says he was warned by Twitch to stop promoting VPNs and ad blockers that skip his hourly ad breaks.

Running ads on their stream is something every streamer has to do, and viewers can get around it by either subscribing to their channel or having a Twitch Turbo membership.

On October 8, Hasan once again responded to the backlash he constantly receives over the 60-second ad breaks he runs hourly on his channel, revealing that he had to accept a new contract that meant he runs regular adverts or face losing his partnership status.

Now, Hasan has revealed that Twitch asked him to stop promoting ad-blockers and VPNs that allow viewers to skip his ads altogether without having to pay the subscription fee.

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Twitch warning to Hasan

During his October 14, the political commentator was running another one of his regular adverts when he mentioned that Twitch had told him to stop mentioning ways that views can avoid ads on his channel.

Before running the ad, Hasan said: “If you’d like to enjoy this broadcast, in an ad-free experience, there are some things you can do. Some which I can say, some which I’ve been warned not to say. You can, forever example, subscribe with a $5 subscription.

“You can subscribe with a free subscription if you have Twitch Prime that is. You can also do some other stuff, that I can’t say anymore.”

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The “stuff” Hasan cannot refer to would be things like VPNs or ad-blockers that will block the 60-second ad from playing and interrupting the broadcast.

Hasan also pretended to not know what ad-block is later in the broadcast, and said: “Anyway, here’s an ad-break before I forget. Why can’t you say ad-block? I don’t know what that is.”

Hasan feigning ignorance not knowing what ad-block is seemingly a dig at Twitch for telling him to stop promoting ways to block adverts, which he has jokingly done before.

Ultimately, Twitch sets the rules and the streamers have to abide by them. So, expect the ad breaks to continue.

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