Twitch streamer furious after indefinite ban for wearing shorts & shirt

livstixs banned on Twitch for wearing shortsTwitter/livstixs

Streamer ‘LivStixs’ is calling out Twitch for double standards for permanently banning her over “inappropriate attire,” while Amouranth was allowed to return to the platform.

On October 14, Liv was hit with her third suspension from Twitch and this time it was indefinite. To make things even more confusing, the streamer says she was wearing shorts and a shirt.

The streamer was not happy with the decision and voiced her displeasure on social media, even going as far as posting photos of what she was wearing to warrant such action by Twitch.

Needless to say, she didn’t hold back by any means and called out not just the Amazon-owned site, but other streamers for being allowed back on the site despite being banned multiple times.

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Streamer slams Twitch over “inappropriate attire” ban

“I’m honestly flabbergasted right now,” Liv told Dexerto.

“I got banned in a shirt that shows cleavage and a pair of jean shorts. Keep in mind, I’ve worn MANY pairs of shorts like this on Twitch in the past 4 years with no troubles.”

On Twitter, Liv posted photos of what she was supposedly wearing on stream, showcasing the aforementioned shirt and jean shorts.

“I had no idea today would go this way as I was preparing for a birthday stream this weekend that I rented an Airbnb for,” she added.

Twitch’s community guidelines state: “We do not permit exposed underbust. Cleavage is unrestricted as long as these coverage requirements are met. For all streamers, you must cover the area extending from your hips to the bottom of your pelvis and buttocks.”

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Liv says her past two bans were for “inappropriate attire” as well. The first came after she wore a bikini indoors, spending a day at the beach, and walked inside her friend’s house without a coverup on.

The second came when she wore a string bikini right when the new beaches, pools, and hot tubs category was created – something she claims to have worn before. “However, the first time I streamed in the new category with the bikini I got banned,” she said.

It’s unclear if at any point in the streams areas of Liv’s body were exposed. In any case, the outfit sparked debate over what’s considered acceptable when compared to other streamers such as Amouranth.

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LivStixs accuses Twitch of favoritism after Amouranth unban

Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is well-known for her hot tub and ASMR streams, but her risque content has landed her in trouble before on five separate occasions.

Her more recent ban lasted a mere three days despite Amouranth being unsure if she would be allowed back on the site. Liv was quick to blast the site for what she perceived as double standards.

“Seems Twitch forgot about the ear licking and girls doing squats in hot tubs to single me out,” she remarked.

“Meanwhile, Amouranth gets unbanned after her 5th and Indiefoxx got an indefinite after her 5th. The inconsistencies show favoritism and it’s pretty f**ked,” she said in response to a fan comparing her to Siragusa.

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The reasoning for Amouranth’s fifth ban is still unknown and Indiefoxx was indefinitely banned following six suspensions in as many months. Still, some feel that there are double standards in play.

Amouranth unbanned on twitchInstagram/Amouranth
Amouranth’s fifth Twitch ban only lasted a few days.

“It is extremely unfair Amouranth is allowed on the platform if I am not,” Liv added.

If the ban was made in error, something that does happen from time to time, then we can expect to see Liv back on the site.

However, Twitch doesn’t comment on individual suspensions, so we’ll just have to wait and see if her channel ends up getting reinstated.