Streamer slams Twitch trolls in the most incredible rant you’ll hear this week

Connor Bennett

Twitch streamer ClassyKatie took aim at “spiteful” viewers during a recent stream, giving viewers an incredible moment that they haven’t seen in a long time.

Twitch gives streamers a home to showcase pretty much whatever content they want, provided they stay within the rules.

However, it is also home to trolls who try to draw a reaction out of streamers and create a highlight of their own. Yet, one streamer decided to take them to task with an incredible rant.

Twitter: ClassyKatieThe streamer wasn’t playing around with the influx of troll messages.

ClassyKatie’s June 17 stream hit the front page of Twitch and attracted attention from some viewers who don’t regularly tune into her content. With that increased viewership, some trolls reared their heads and tried to set the streamer off.

Yet, the streamer decided to fire back. “I feel really bad for people who have nothing better to do in their life than enter a Twitch chat and say mean things to a person they’ve never met before. Most of the people who say the really mean things in my chat know me for one minute and they choose to inflict negativity, hateful, spiteful words on me that they think will hurt me.”

The streamer continued on, taking shots at some of the growing troll comments: “Asking if I’m trans. Am I trans? Sure I am,” they added. “Am I gay? F*ck yeah. Am I a boy? Uh hmm, my spirit d*ck is bigger than you can ever imagine. F*cked your mom with it last night. She screamed to God, you’re welcome.”

Yet, she wasn’t finished there – repeating her message about being others being hateful on the internet. “I pity people like that, that have nothing better to do than go on the internet and try to hurt people they’ve never met before.”

She then took things up another level, reaching her crescendo with a theory about why the abusive trolls act in the manner that they do.

Nevertheless, ClassyKatie offered up a message of hope for internet trolls and how they can change their lives for their better by finding something “meaningful” to do when they wake up in the morning.

While her incredible rant may have gone viral and given her channel more attention than hitting the front page of twitch, Katie’s outburst might just be the warning calls that some viewers need to see before trying to take her on.

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