Streamer goes on screaming rant after being accused of selling out for Twitch subs

Daniel Cleary

IRL Twitch streamer ‘BlondieWondie’ went on a massive rant at some of her viewers after being asked if she only streams for money.

With the mainstream success of popular streamers such as Ninja and the possibility of streaming for living being more realistic with each day, it is no wonder that live streaming platforms such as Twitch have seen a huge influx in people broadcasting on the site.

Twitch subscriptions are often streamers’ main source of income from the livestreaming platform, and an IRL Twitch streamer, who goes by ‘BlondieWondie,’ might have been a bit too disappointed with the lack of subscriptions she was getting during her streams – which lead to her ranting at viewers.

ICE_POSEIDON, TwitterIRL streaming has become a popular trend for livestreamers since Ice Poseidon blew up in popularity.

BlondieWondie began by saying that, although she was grateful for her viewers, she often found streaming on Twitch to get a bit demotivating after getting no subscribers for hours during her broadcasts, saying, “It’s annoying, like it has been like two hours.”

One of her viewers then questioned the streamer’s actual motives for streaming on the platform, asking if she streamed on Twitch for the money, to which she responded by dismissing the question as “stupid” and claiming that some of the people in her chat were “12 years old.”

After receiving more negative comments from her viewers, BlondieWondie then began to rant and started listing all of the costs that go along with her streaming career, such as her backpack and data plan, before saying, “everything that I make off of fucking streaming goes back into fucking streaming, you can go fuck yourself!” to her viewers.

Blondie went on to explain that she could make way more money off streaming on Twitch if she wanted to start selling out like other streamers, saying, “I could do so much more fucking shit, if i wanted to actually make a shit ton of money on this.”

She followed up by explaining to viewers that money was not her primary concern from streaming on Twitch and told fans that the only things she cared about was her car and her Twitch channel, despite her earlier disappointment.

BlondieWondie did not seem to let the negative comments stop her, however, as she continued her stream as usual after the rant was over despite the negativity. 

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