Streamer has emotional reaction to being in Just Dance anniversary video

Michael Gwilliam

“Just Dance” player and Twitch streamer “littlesiha” had an amazing reaction to seeing that she had been added to the game’s Anniversary video.

Littlesiha, whose real name is Avery, has quite the resume when it comes to the title. The 24-year-old had been competing in Just Dance World Cups, danced for Ubisoft at e3 and was even made a star player by the company back in 2015. 

Now, her hard work has been honored in a special Just Dance anniversary video.

Early in her stream on November 1, Avery was checking out the film, and had no idea she would be included in it. When she spotted herself in the video, she let out a gasp, stopped everything she was doing, and paused in complete shock.

After staring blankly at the screen for a few moments, the streamer broke down in tears of happiness.

“Oh my gosh,” she cried. “Oh my God, that’s so sweet.”

As tears started to run down her face, Avery remembered and laughed, “I just did my makeup,” while the shock of being in the video hadn’t subsided.

“Oh my God, that’s really nice,” she added. “Dude, that’s old. That’s from like, five years ago.” 

“I can’t believe they thought to put me in their ten-year anniversary video,” she continued before finally checking out the end of the video. “That’s really nice. I want to watch the rest of it.”

Given Avery’s experience with the game and everything she has accomplished in Just Dance, being in its anniversary video overwhelmed her emotionally – to the point where she literally had to grab some issues. 

Her journey on Twitch has earned her over 120,000 followers, with thousands more on Instagram and Twitter. It’s unclear if whoever at Ubisoft decided to include her in the video knew she’d have such an incredible reaction, but it certainly made her day.  

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