Twitch streamer rages after mom gets his Steam account banned

A Twitch streamer was left angered when he found out his Steam account had been banned after his mother reported him, and went off on her during his broadcast.

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Streamers put themselves completely out there for thousands to see, blemishes and all, as the medium captures every moment live – including when things get too much.

One Twitch user learned this the hard way, when he discovered that his mother had gotten his Steam account banned, and exploded in rage during his broadcast, unloading on her.

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Streamer’s Steam account “banned”

Twitch streamer ‘YeetyBoiiiii’ was in the middle of a broadcast on November 1 when he was notified on Steam that his account had been restricted for 13 weeks. They had apparently been contacted by his mother who told the gaming platform that her son’s account had not been authorized to use her card which games had been charged on.

“CD key activation has been disabled. What the F*CK!!!” he screamed in rage. Heated, the streamer then called his mother on the phone for his audience to hear. “You know that call and email you made to Steam?” he asked his mother. “They disabled my account and banned me!”

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He then told her that he was owed for all the games he had lost. “That’s hundreds of games down the drain you owe me now!” Calmly, his parent replied “Oh, I definitely don’t owe you. You were using my card and it wasn’t acceptable!”

“You had put eighty dollars…” his mom began to say, before the streamer cut her off and screamed “YEAH YOU JUST WASTED $300 OR MORE!” which caused his parent to hang up on him. “GOD! DUMB B*TCH!. Get the f*ck out of here!” he screamed, seething with anger.

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Later on during the broadcast, YeetyBoiiiii was taking questions from his chat about the incident, and was asked if he still loved his mom given the tense interaction he had with her. “She does everything for me,” he replied. He then claimed that he wasn’t the one that made the purchases, and that it came from an IP different from their house.

When another member of chat asked him why he “disrespected” his mom he replied, “She automatically assumed I used her card to buy games. I don’t even know what games were bought!”

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Despite the explanation, some in his chat still thought he was too harsh on his mother, and over on Reddit, early comments were mostly negative, with one of the top comments saying “glad she hung up on him” while another said “he can’t buy csgo cases for a few weeks? Jesus what an overreaction.”

It should be noted that this doesn’t seem to be a full account ban, as it seems that Steam removed the games purchased with her card, and just suspended features on his account such as purchasing, gifting, and trading.

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