Streamer called out for faking 1000 sub donation from Kick’s co-founder

Samantha Giambra

A YouTube partner and Kick streamer has admitted to faking a 1000 sub-donation via Twitter from Kick’s co-founder Ed Craven.

After xQc knocked the servers out on Kick with his significant influx of viewers, Ed Craven, also known as StakeEddie on Twitter, decided to hand out 2500 subs as a thank-you. To be entered in for a chance at the Kick subs, streamers had to comment on his post apologizing for the downtime for smaller creators.

Of course, those who were the lucky chosen few from Craven’s tweet posted about their good fortune once they received these donations from the icon.

However, a streamer who didn’t reply to Eddie’s original tweet posted a screenshot of him getting 1000 subs with names edited into the screenshot that contained racial slurs.

Streamer gets backlash for faking 1000 sub donation on Kick

Kick is a relatively new site, and those who either made the switch or just began their streaming journey have found a home here. A ton of streamers have been coming to the platform and trying to stand out from the crowd.

To help some streamers along, Kick co-founder Eddie decided to gift some subs to streamers he came across on the platform.

eXvizual used a screenshot of another streamer’s donation from the co-founder as their own with a few tweaks made. NowYouSeeBree was actually gifted 100 subs from Craven during the event, and the initial names of the subs on eXvizual’s screenshot are identical to hers.

Bree responded to the screenshot being stolen by saying “Ngl this is weird behavior. He literally stole my screenshot and is claiming it happened to him. Weird.”

eXvizual confirmed it was a joke after receiving backlash on the original post by stating “I’m happy for (everyone) who got Subbed yesterday and I didn’t complain once. The world has so much hate and all I do is try and make people laugh. My last tweet was a joke, just like my pinned post. I’m aloud to try and make people laugh.”

The maximum amount of subs that can be sent at one time on Kick is 100 per donation, so it was no secret this was an edited image. However, that hasn’t kept people from calling him out for using another streamer’s screenshot without her permission.

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