Stream snipers ruin xQc’s wholesome Fortnite match with random duo

Fortnite xQcTwitch: xQcOW/Epic Games

After joining a duos match with a wholesome kid on Fortnite, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s game was ruined by a set of stream snipers who managed to get into the voice party.

xQc’s recent permanent ban from the NoPixel GTA RP server has led the huge Twitch star to begin playing a variety of new games for his audience.

Whether it’s Valorant, League of Legends, or even Minecraft, xQc appears to prefer bouncing between games instead of sticking to a single title.

So, when the streamer announced that he’d be playing Fornite on June 1, his viewers were over the moon. It had been a long time since xQc had jumped into the world of Fortnite and of course, battle royale content is always exciting to watch.

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But although the stream began well with xQc meeting a wholesome kid in a duos match, it didn’t take long for stream snipers to ruin the game by joining the in-game party chat.

Fortnite xQcEpic Games
Fortnite released all the way back in July of 2017.

Stream snipers ruin xQc’s Fortnite match

During his June 1 stream, xQc decided to play Fortnite and loaded up into a duos match. It didn’t take the streamer long to realize that he was playing with a kid and the pair set out a plan to hopefully pick up the victory royale.

The duo even discussed how hard it was to give up cursing and it was obvious xQc’s viewers were enjoying the wholesome interaction.

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Dropping out of the battle bus, xQc and the kid got off to a good start in the match, taking out multiple opponents and gathering plenty of loot.

The streamer even took the time to compliment his duo partner after he helped takeout two enemies in an intense gunfight.

“If you keep playing like this we’re gonna win 100 percent,” he said. “I missed all my shots, I missed everything then you came in.”

Shortly after this clip, xQc was eliminated from the match and he began spectating the kid who was still alive in the match.

Unfortunately, that was when a set of stream snipers managed to gain access to xQc’s voice party. They began cursing and shouting through the mic at the streamer, forcing him to leave the game and end the match with his wholesome duo partner.

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This left xQc confused over why a bunch of players would risk getting their accounts banned just to get two seconds of air time on stream.

“With the price that they put on skins, it’s actually insane that these guys would risk their entire account getting banned…. they leak their full names and s**t, it literally makes no sense.”

Although stream snipers are frustrating, the only way to stop them completely is to not play multiplayer titles. For a huge Twitch personality like xQc, this can be a challenge as online games are usually what the majority of viewers want to watch.

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While the stream snipers did ruin the wholesome match with xQc and the kid, at least the duo was able to play the majority of the game without any interruptions.