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SteveWillDoIt gifts Dana White $300k custom Maybach van out of nowhere

Published: 18/Dec/2021 20:20

by Shay Robson


YouTube star Steve ‘SteveWillDoIt’ Deleonardis splashed his cash gifting UFC president Dana White a $300,000 custom Mercedes Maybach van.

YouTube sensation and member of the Nelk Boys SteveWillDoIt continues to top his previous videos with crazy stunts and wild purchases.

The YouTuber who now has over 4.2M subscribers is adding to the ever-growing list of outlandish doings. In a recent video Steve gifted UFC president Dana White with an insane $300,000 custom Mercedes Maybach van.

In his video uploaded on December 17, Steve decided to give his Maybach van, which was gifted to him, to his good friend and UFC president Dana White.


The van that is wrapped in Howler Head (a popular bourbon whiskey brand) is kitted with innovative technology and designed with comfort in mind. Roughly setting buyers back a minimum of $250,000 the Maybach is only for the affluent.

With extra modifications and the custom Howler Head wrap, SteveWillDoIt claims his Maybach van is worth $300,000 and gave it to Dana for nothing in return.

(Timestamp at 5:04)

When asked why he was gifting his Maybach to Dana, the YouTube star revealed that UFC president has always taken care of him.

The customized Maybach took a year to build, and it’s easy to say White was ecstatic when he was surprised with the gift.


This isn’t Steve’s first rodeo gifting friends and peers luxurious cars. In October the YouTuber gifted his ex-arch enemy David Dobrik a Tesla Model Y to “squash the beef.”