Stephen Tries, Spencer Owen & more explain beef with F2’s Jeremy Lynch

Jacob Hale
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Ever since the infamous 2018 Wembley Cup, which saw some of the biggest names of the UK YouTube’s scene face off against each other in a fun football tournament, there’s been a bunch of animosity among certain creators. Here’s why.

Members of Hashtag United, the F2 Freestylers, Rebel FC and more took to London’s Wembley Stadium to play — but it didn’t end brilliantly, and there has been a well-publicised beef between the F2 and… well, just about everybody in UK YouTube.

Now, more footage is emerging and people are speaking out against the F2, and more specifically one half of the duo, Jeremy Lynch. Here’s everything we know about the beef, with multiple influencers speaking out.

Footage emerges of beef with Stephen Tries

On September 1, when more and more people were starting to speak about it, a clip went viral of Stephen Tries arguing with Lynch and his comedian friend, ManLikeHaks.

They were both trying to mocking each other, with Haks getting increasingly frustrated before True Geordie stepped in to break them up.

This came shortly after Tries went on JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast and spoke about the situation, including his history with F2, his diss track on the footballing duo (that it appears Lynch didn’t take kindly to), and Lynch’s frequent mentions of the money he has and cars he owns.

On September 2, WillNE spoke briefly about the ordeal on the Eboys podcast, explaining some of the bizarre occurrences that led up to this confrontation.

He said that Jeremy was walking around with his trophy showing it around to people, before approaching Stephen and telling him that Haks could beat him in a “comedy battle,” which evidently nobody really understood.

Timestamp at 36:17 in the video below.

A few days after the above podcast, on September 4, Stephen Tries uploaded a video on the ordeal — one that he claimed is “hopefully his last.”

He said: “when you put yourself online, you’ve got to have that humility where you will get the p**s taken out of you. You’ve got to deal with it better than getting your mate to try and start on someone.”

Clearly, there was some kind of beef between Stephen and the F2, but it quickly became clear that the situation was much deeper than just those two.

Hashtag United’s Spencer Owen speaks out

Spencer Owen, also known as Spencer FC, is the founder and CEO of Hashtag United, and published a video on September 1 calling Jeremy Lynch “the least likeable person” he’s ever come across on YouTube and saying he will “never work with him again.”

Obviously, a lot of this boils down to the Wembley Cup event in question. In the hour-long video, Spencer and his brother Seb went through the entire series of events and their history with Lynch.

Spencer speaks about how he once had a very good relationship with the F2, but that a big project he tried to get them involved in made him realize they are “very ruthless businessmen,” which isn’t something he can really work with.

From there, Spencer explains how it started to become clear that there was a growing divide between the two parties, and that accusations of cheating at the Wembley Cup, in which the F2 threatened to end production and prevent the tournament from even happening, among other things.

Spencer also speculates that there may be issues within the F2 camp, saying that there have been some instances where fellow F2 member Billy Wingrove looks uncomfortable with things Jeremy says or does, or vice versa.

Seb also reveals that once, when there was some banter aimed towards Jeremy, the freestylers’ response was “Guys, laugh at me all you want, but I’m a multi, multi-millionaire,” and also introduced himself to a Hashtag player by saying “you know who I am.”

The following week, Spencer and Seb spoke once again about the situation, detailing an email they had alluded to in the previous upload. In this email, it is claimed that the referee in their loss against XO actually did cheat, stopping the match at 13 minutes rather than 15 because he didn’t like the F2 guys.

Obviously this is a huge disappointment for Spencer and Seb who helped organize everything, but also shows that the Jeremy Lynch and the F2 seem to have had a good habit of rubbing people the wrong way.

Needless to say, there isn’t a good relationship between Lynch and the guys at Hashtag, but it’s starting to look like that’s a common theme among most of the UK’s biggest YouTubers.

The F2 have also notably worked with the Sidemen and FaZe Clan, though neither party has spoken out about the F2, or Lynch himself, yet.