Logan Paul announces boxing comeback, blames referee from KSI fight for 0–1 record - Dexerto

Logan Paul announces 2020 boxing comeback, blames referee for KSI defeat

Published: 3/Sep/2020 5:36 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 5:58

by Isaac McIntyre


Logan Paul is heading back to the squared circle for another pro bout this year, and the YouTube maverick has already kick-started things by taking a huge swipe at the referee from his high-profile KSI showdown in late 2019.

Paul, 25, made his professional debut in November last year, losing to fellow YouTuber KSI in a controversial split decision. The December grudge match was the second time the pair had met, after they fought to a standstill in 2018.

The late-2019 loss has put Paul at a 0–1 record in his pro boxing career, though he ⁠— luckily ⁠— doesn’t have a knockout to his name just yet. He has now announced he’s coming back for a second go-around at the “sweet science.”

Paul announced in a press release that he would be returning with a “major event,” promising it would “capture the interest of both hardcore and casual fans.”

The YouTuber did not reveal any further details on his planned comeback bout, though BadLeftHook has suggested the return will be held in winter 2020.

“I’m excited to hop back in the ring, but win this time around,” he said, before delivering Jack Reese, the referee from ‘KSI vs. Logan Paul II,’ a scathing swipe for his role in Paul’s 2019 loss: “Fuck you, Jack Reese.”

KSI reigned victorious over Logan Paul in their November rematch.
Twitter: KSI
Logan Paul was left ruing multiple referee decisions from Jack Reese as KSI reigned victorious in their November rematch.

It will be interesting to see what Paul’s boxing arch-rival KSI makes of all this too. After their 2019 duel, the British YouTube star declared Paul had “ruined his legacy” by losing to him in two consecutive bouts in front of millions.

Back then, the two-time victor also confirmed there would be no trilogy battle, even if Logan Paul came calling. KSI said, “I took everything I needed from him… I’m the champion. He had two chances to beat me, and he failed twice.”

There was also that little Logan Paul vs Antonio Brown grudge that spilled onto social media back in January. The disgraced NFL superstar demanded Paul “get the papers” but their fight was derailed after Brown was accused of assault in May.

Logan Paul is currently 0–1 in his pro boxing career, but is looking to change that in 2021.
Instagram: Logan Paul
Logan Paul is currently 0–1 in his pro career, but wants to change that in 2021.

Paul’s comeback announcement comes just a month after younger brother Jake revealed he would be facing former Knicks point guard Nate Robinson later this year as part of the blockbuster Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. undercard in November.

Logan did tease his return would be a “big event,” but it’s looking unlikely he will be part of that same California card. Paul will likely announce his opponent, and their fight date, at a later time once his planned ring-return is set in stone.


Pokimane responds to transphobia accusations after Discord DMs emerge

Published: 29/Nov/2020 2:15

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Pokimane has been accused of being a trans-exclusionary radical feminist after a mod tried to blame her for discriminating against a trans girl, but she apologized and maintained her innocence.

Iman ‘Pokimane’ Anys is normally in the spotlight for the right reasons. However, she’s been caught up in drama lately after leaked documents about her relationship with Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan surfaced.

Pokimane denied the allegations, and it looked like smooth sailing from here on out. But now, another incident has surfaced. It’s a serious one that has thrown her into drama yet again.

Pokimane discord transphobic drama
Pokimane has been caught up in one drama after another lately.

Pokimane’s official Discord server has a role exclusive to girls, but users can’t get it unless they confirm their gender by speaking in voice chat. It’s supposed to be a failsafe way to stop male viewers from pretending to be females for trolling purposes.

However, a mod rejected a trans girl from the role. He claimed he was following orders and deflected the blame onto Pokimane. Apparently, the trans girl persisted, which ultimately lead to being banned from the server.

This sparked an uproar on social media. Some people even accused Pokimane of being a trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF). Fortunately, she responded quickly and assured fans that everybody is welcome in her community.

“I’m looking into this with said mod/proof of the conversation that was held between them,” she said. [I] will [also] contact SHSLChris directly to resolve this and to assure she is welcomed properly.”

“Anyone in my community should be welcomed with open arms no matter what gender/sexuality,” she added. “I’m so sorry if anyone was made to feel otherwise, especially by a mod. That is not okay, and I’ll make sure it’s properly handled.”

“Furthermore, I’ve unmodded the person in question,” she said, implying that he acted independently.

“Again, I’m so sorry for this interaction, as it is not something I reinforce/a rule of mine, and is far from representative of my personal opinions, as I truly support the trans community.”

The key takeaway is the mod appears to have acted or interpreted the rules in his own way, and has since been unmodded.

Pokimane also maintained her innocence and claimed she is in full support of the trans community. Whether the affected user will accept her invite back into the Discord remains to be seen.