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David Dobrik surprises D’Amelio’s and the Hype House with Mariachi band

Published: 4/Sep/2020 7:09

by Andrew Amos


YouTube extraordinaire David Dobrik has definitely gone the extra mile for some of his closest friends, including Charli and Dixie D’Amelio and the Hype House, by sending Mariachi bands to their houses to give some gifts. What exactly? A new merch line.

David Dobrik doesn’t do anything by halves. No matter if it’s getting up to some crazy party antics (before lockdown, of course), or giving out hundreds of thousands to his fans, he does everything his own way.

It makes sense then Dobrik would try and show off his exciting new projects in an exciting way. Instagram stories have been flooded on September 3 with David Dobrik flocking across Los Angeles, dropping off some gifts to friends.


David Dobrik, Instagram
David Dobrik is not one for doing things by halves.

In classic Dobrik-style though, he wouldn’t just ring the doorbell. Instead, he made the entire occasion a party.

The social media star sent a team out to the streets of Los Angeles to drop off PR packages for his new merch. He just also brought along a Mariachi band, in what might be the marketing stunt of the year so far.

Every time he went over to a new friend’s house, the Mariachi band would be playing while Natalie Mariduena, his roommate, popped out of an oversized gift box to hand out parcels of merchandise.

He pretty much went to every big name influencer who was willing. He went to the D’Amelio’s house, the Hype House, James Charles’, Zach Clayton’s, and more.


All of the stars shared Dobrik’s antics onto social media, thanking Dobrik and Natalie for the hot drop. Some of the influencers even made a video out of it ⁠— just check out Alex Warren’s Instagram story with his DSLR.

The whole stunt signals exciting times for Dobrik fans. The YouTuber hasn’t uploaded to his primary channel in almost five months. Instead, he’s been working on other projects like the Dodgeball Thunderdome show on Discovery, and even streaming on Twitch.

New merch is just around the corner, so be sure to snap it up quick once it drops.