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Starbucks baristas spark viral TikTok debate with Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard tip jars

Published: 26/Apr/2022 21:04

by Virginia Glaze


A certain Starbucks location is going viral on TikTok as users debate the ethics of using tip jars as a means for customers to hash out their feelings on the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard hearing.

The internet is aflame with reactions amid the ongoing court hearing between former spouses and A-List actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Depp is suing Heard for a whopping $50 million due to alleged defamation after the Aquaman actress spoke out about purported abuse from Depp in a 2018 op-ed for the Washington Post.

The hearing is taking social media platforms by storm, including TikTok — mostly because one Starbucks coffee shop decided to let customers weigh in on the situation via tip jars.


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It’s not uncommon to see restaurants or cafes use a “voting” system as a creative way to incentivize tips. (Most recently, this writer saw two tip jars labeled Will Smith and Chris Rock at her local coffee spot following the viral Oscars slapping incident.)

This Starbucks location is allowing customers to tip with their feelings on Depp vs Heard, with two videos showing TikTok users voting in favor of Depp with a few dollar bills.

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However, this particular court case being used in a “tipping” system is rubbing some commenters the wrong way, as opposed to using lighter topics.


“His court trial is not a trend,” one user wrote.

TikTok Starbucks Comment 2

“Why are y’all making bets on an abuse case?” another asked.

TikTok Starbucks Comment 1

“So nobody finds this weird that they’re using the trial to get tips?” another posed. “Y’all different.”

TikTok Starbucks Comment 3

This latest TikTok debate follows another Starbucks-related viral moment that got some commenters upset at how one barista humiliated annoying customers.