Snoop Dogg tells the NELK Boys what he really thought of Will Smith’s viral Oscars slap

Snoop Dogg on tragic Will Smith slapYouTube: FULL SEND Podcast Clips, The Guardian

Snoop Dogg joined the NELK Boys on their Full Send podcast and gave his opinion on the viral moment when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards.

Will Smith took over the internet for days after slapping comedian Chris Rock in the face at the 2022 Oscars ceremony.

Smith appeared to be offended at a joke Rock had made at actress Jada Pinkett Smith’s expense, later yelling at Rock to “Keep my wife’s name out your f**king mouth!” after returning to his seat.

The debacle was the hot topic of conversation across social media for weeks thereafter, with other major celebrities giving their opinion on Smith’s slap — the most recent of which is rapper Snoop Dogg.

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Snoop appeared on an April 20 episode of YouTube group The NELK Boys’ Full Send podcast, where he notably called the situation “tragic.”

“Who are you siding with?” one of the co-hosts asked.

“No one,” Snoop answered. “With the Academy.”

Snoop Dogg Warzone Vanguard CoD MobileActivision
Snoop Dogg recently made waves after coming to such games as Vanguard, Warzone, and CoD Mobile.

“I’m actually cool with both of them,” he continued after being asked if he was friends with the two celebs. “I have no issues. I don’t understand it. I’m a spectator, just like you guys. I wasn’t even really watching the Oscars. That’s not my Sunday night TV special.”

The rapper went on to say he was alerted about the situation from a friend texting him about it, and initially thought the whole thing was “fake.”

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“The way he moved, I was like, ‘That s**t ain’t real. But when I saw him talking in the crowd, I’m all, ‘That ain’t fake.'”

Smith has since resigned from the Academy in light of the situation and issued a formal apology to Chris Rock, wherein he claimed he was “out of line and I was wrong.”

Snoop’s take on the ordeal follows his humorous opinion on the Island Boys, who he notably dubbed “two goofballs in a pool.”