SSSniperWolf hits back at KEEMSTAR for mocking one of her fans - Dexerto

SSSniperWolf hits back at KEEMSTAR for mocking one of her fans

Published: 2/Nov/2018 0:51 Updated: 2/Nov/2018 10:57

by Virginia Glaze


Popular streamer and YouTuber Alia ‘Lia’ Shelesh (known by her tag SSSniperWolf) has hit back at Drama Alert host KEEMSTAR for bullying a fan of hers over Twitter.

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The incident began when KEEMSTAR accused Lia of photoshopping her waist in an Instagram post, in which she showed off her Fortnite-themed Halloween costume.

Twitter user snookerluke came to her defense underneath one of KEEMSTAR’s Tweets, writing, “Why you always hating on Lia?”

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KEEMSTAR then posted a screenshot of the reply with another post of Snookerluke’s, where he wished Lia a happy birthday on October 22nd. “Alexa, what is a virgin?” KEEMSTAR said of the screenshots.


Snookerluke protected his Tweets in response and updated his bio to read, “Thank you KEEMSTAR. Goodbye guys ☠.” KEEMSTAR appeared to realize the severity of the situation, posting a screenshot of the fan’s bio with the caption, “I feel bad. That SSSniperwolf fanman I called a virgin (jokingly) is kinda upset. Tell him it’s just jokes.”

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Lia took issue with KEEMSTAR’s treatment of her fan and called him out in a reply to his Tweet, writing, “I know you don’t like me, but this is absolutely disgusting. You called one of my fans a virgin and all your followers attacked him and now he deactivated his account and you say it’s a JOKE? This is not a JOKE.”


However, KEEMSTAR didn’t Lia’s response very seriously, responding with, “Since you are a Photoshop pro on Instagram, Maybe you can Photoshop my nasty tweet into me saying something nice.”

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Other users have come out in defense of Lia and her fan, to which KEEMSTAR has granted similar responses – all of which are now deleted.

The fan has since changed his Twitter bio, which now says, “Have to ruin me cuz I like sssniperwolf.”