Spring break beach party goes viral after wrestling match ends in wardrobe malfunction

Michael Gwilliam
spring break beach brawl in florida

A spring break beach party in Florida transformed into a series of wrestling matches that ended with an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

Students and co-eds visiting Florida to get away from the snow and soak up all the sun for spring break are going viral after engaging in a wild beach brawl.

In a TikTok making waves on the video platform, men and women got it on by performing ‘Oklahoma drills,’ which are commonly used in football practice where players wrestle each other.

After a few men took each other on to a round of applause from the rowdy spring breakers, two women joined in on the action, but things quickly got out of control as the ladies collided with each other.

Spring break bikini brawl ends with wardrobe malfunction

As the two girls’ bodies splashed head-on, the larger woman was able to get on top and pin her opponent victoriously, though it came at a bit of an embarrassing cost.

Brutally, amid the conflict, a breast popped out of the girl’s bikini, resulting in the match frantically being stopped while respectful onlookers tried blocking the camera’s view.

Still, that didn’t stop some from cheering at the unfortunate situation as the party continued rocking the Fort Lauderdale beach.

Although plenty of users in the comments enjoyed the wild spectacle, some weren’t exactly thrilled at the outcome or the ongoing shenanigans on the beach.

“My version of hell,” commented one viewer.

“If this is their version of making memories. I rather not have any,” replied another with a puking emoji for good measure.

In any case, the video has gone viral, amassing hundreds of thousands of views and plenty of comments from those who wish they could be on vacation in the sunshine state.