Soulja Boy slams Twitch stars signing with YouTube: “You sold out for clout!”

Soulja Boy accuses streamers of leaving twitch for cloutTwitch/Souljaboy

Rapper turned streamer Soulja Boy chimed in on the exodus of streamers leaving Twitch for YouTube Gaming in an explosive and vulgar rant.

With Twitch stars TimTheTatman and DrLupo signing exclusive deals with rival YouTube Gaming, there has been a lot of debate as to which platform is superior.

None of that really mattered for Soulja Boy though, who made a point to literally show that he already has so much cash (especially with his Swag 4 album dropping), he would never leave Twitch.

“Y’all want to see what a million dollars looks like?” he asked his chat before pulling out stacks of cold hard cash. “Stop f**king playing with me!”

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Souljaboy holds one milliion dollarsTwitch/Souljaboy
Soulja Boy is loaded with cash!

If that wasn’t enough, he moved his camera and showed the outside of his house where he had a Lamborghini truck parked in the driveway.

“You see that f**king Lambo truck sitting outside my house? That’s $500,000!” he roared.

Including the other cars, Soulja says he has $620,000 outside of his house.

“I’m the first rapper to show a Lambo truck live on Twitch sitting outside his house! Stop playing with me,” he added, before bragging that he was one of the “richest” streamers on Twitch and arguing that the other broadcasters in question had fled to YouTube “for a check.”

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His comments actually echo the opinion that of fellow streamer xQc who said that many are simply joining YouTube for the money. According to the rapper, he’s team Amazon all the way.

“They sold out for clout!” he continued to blast. I never do that! I never leave Twitch for the clout!”

Twitch streamers go to YouTubeTwitch/YouTube
Soulja Boy blasted streamers going to YouTube for “clout.”

With this, Soulja jumped up and down on his chair and kept his ferocious remarks barking.

“I am clout! I don’t need no money! I don’t need sh*t! I never leave Twitch!” he cried, once again stating that some streamers had sold out.

Despite Souljaboy’s claims that he has no plans to leave Twitch, it seems unlikely that others will stay if presented with an offer. Twitch star Ludwig recently teased that “a bunch” of streamers on the platform will be leaving for YouTube, but didn’t disclose any names.

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At least we know where Soulja Boy stands as the Streamer Wars heat up.