Ludwig claims “a bunch” of Twitch streamers will leave for YouTube


Twitch and YouTube star Ludwig hinted on his podcast, The Yard, that there are going to be many more Twitch streamers that will leave for exclusive contracts with YouTube Gaming.

A mass exodus from Twitch to YouTube Gaming has begun, with some massive names leaving the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

DrLupo and TimTheTatman have both signed exclusive deals to stream on YouTube, leaving the platform both of them found massive success on high and dry. Star-FPS streamer NICKMERCS has also hinted he could be on the way out of Twitch as well, citing a “huge move” is on the way.

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With YouTube not afraid to dish out the cash for streamers, Ludwig dropped a hint that more exclusive deals could be on the way.

TimTheTatman poses with Dr DisrespectTwitter: TimTheTatman
Tim and Dr Disrespect reunited once again.

Ludwig’s big teaser

During an episode of Ludwig’s podcast, The Yard, he hinted at the possibility of more streamers ditching Twitch saying: “He (Dr. Lupo) just signed with YouTube exclusively, which, I will say, there’s going to be a bunch more people soon. I can’t leak.”

Although Ludwig refused to say exactly who he knows is leaving Twitch, he did carry on saying: “I do have some secret info that I can’t reveal too much. But I think a lot of streamers are going to leave Twitch for YouTube… But yeah, I think a bunch of people are leaving mainly because there are zero good contracts coming from Twitch’s end.”

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(Time starts at 59:02 in the video below)

If Ludwig’s info is correct, this means that YouTube is all-in on becoming more of a live-streaming platform, as they are willing to spend the capital necessary to get big names.

Dr Disrespect was on of the first major Twitch names to move over, after his mysterious ban – though he doesn’t have an exclusive deal as TimTheTatman and others have landed.

Twitch may soon regret not dishing out contracts to its biggest streamers if they are going to continue to be poached by YouTube. We’ll have to wait and see.

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