Soulja Boy pulls consoles from store after possible Nintendo lawsuit - Dexerto

Soulja Boy pulls consoles from store after possible Nintendo lawsuit

Published: 31/Dec/2018 0:49

by Virginia Glaze


American rapper DeAndre ‘Soulja Boy’ Way created his own line of consoles in early December – but it seems his stint in the gaming industry is landing him in hot water, as he has now removed the products from his online store following an apparent lawsuit from Nintendo.

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The ‘Crank Dat’ rapper received a slew of backlash following the release of his ‘new’ consoles, which many found to be a series of knock-off, rom-hacked systems available for purchase on websites like Amazon and Aliexpress.

After being confronted with the possibility of legal action from users across the web, due to licensing restrictions for the games available on his system (including the likes of Smash Bros Ultimate), Soulja Boy appeared to be wholly confident that he was in the right, Tweeting out, “Nintendo ain’t gon’ do SHIT.”


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However, it appears that Nintendo did, indeed, do some shit, as the rapper has since removed all consoles from his store, 

Soulja Boy likewise posted a fairly incriminating statement via Twitter on December 29, writing, “I had to boss up, I didn’t have a choice” – which could hint that he was faced with legal action from the company.

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While Soulja Boy is no longer selling consoles, he continues to offer such products as the “Soulja Phone” and his “Souljapods” wireless headphones, among other devices. The rapper has likewise expressed an interest in forming a competitive gaming team, including such titles as Overwatch and Fortnite.


No official statement has yet been released regarding any legal action against Soulja Boy.