Sodapoppin reveals neighbors called police on him after ordering “too many pizzas”

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Long-time Twitch star Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris got stuck into stories of his past on broadcast — including one where his neighbors called the police after the streamer got “too many pizzas”.

Sodapoppin is no stranger to the weirdness that a life on the internet has to offer. He’s an open book when it comes to talking candidly on how his online life can cause issues on a personal level.

Following on from an extended absence in early May, Soda has hopped back into his streaming habits with the unfiltered consistency that’s become the brand for the WoW-turned-variety streamer.

Talking to his 8.8 million followers on June 6, Morris brought up a story from nearly a decade prior, as the 28 year old discussed a particularly strange interaction with police when he was just 19 years old.

Sodapoppin streaming on Twitch
Twitch: Sodapoppin
Sodapoppin is a streaming veteran, but trying to describe what he does to others can apparently raise suspicions.

In 2013, the streaming landscape was a different world. It wasn’t the mega platform we know it as now, and as such some people were suspicious of how Soda made his living.

He described one specific instance of the police being called to his property following a neighbor complaining about “so many pizzas” rocking up to Soda’s house.

“This cop was really weird,” he said. “He was getting mad at me, he asked how much I make, I told him honestly and he went on and on and on about how that money… how he should get it. He’s a cop, he does so much more yada yada”

Morris added the entire encounter was “really confrontational and awkward.”

The cop then took Soda and a group of friends outside for a demonstration of a canine police officer. Soda believed the cop was doing it as “he wanted me to stream it”.

The streamer closed out the story by adding the officer reached out to him, out of the blue, with a request to donate to a GoFundMe.

It was a weird encounter for the star streamer that he still remembers to this day, but it’s also a marker of how far the streaming world has come in the years since.

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