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Sodapoppin reveals why he’s been absent from streaming

Published: 10/May/2022 12:44

by Emma Hill


Twitch streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has been noticeably absent from streaming at the start of May, leaving some fans concerned, and has now explained it’s a problem of motivation.

Streaming since 2012, Sodapoppin is an esteemed Twitch veteran. Not to mention, with 8.8 million followers on the Amazon-owned platform, he’s also one of the website’s most famous faces.

However, there have been some turbulent times for the streamer recently. Back in April, he was hit with a surprise ban for “blackfacing” comments. Although he stated that the suspension was “deserved”, it also caused stress for him and his family.


Understandably, fans were concerned for Soda after his livestreams started to become few and far between – streaming only once in the past 7 days. Yet, he explained that the reason is that he simply doesn’t “want to.”

Sodapoppin Twitch
YouTube: Sodapoppin
Sodapoppin has still been producing content on YouTube, but his livestreams have become less regular.

Sodapoppin hasn’t “felt” like streaming

On April 9, Sodapoppin responded to fans’ concerns over his disappearance. However, the 28-year-old claimed that a lack of motivation to stream has been the cause for his absence.

“Sorry haven’t streamed lately,” Soda said. “I just haven’t felt like it and I don’t force myself to do it. Might be live [tomorrow], might not.”

He also explained that his comment was prompted by concerns over his wellbeing: “Just tweeting this cause people keep asking me if something is up and nah I just don’t wanna [stream] lol nothin’ else.”



Fans responded by sharing their support for Soda and praised him for giving himself the time to take “a break” – something many streamers are hesitant to do. One fan said Soda “deserved” the time away and chided him for apologizing: “You deserve the rest when you need it mentally because you earn it so don’t be sorry.”

Soda may not be streaming on Twitch as regularly as normal, but he has continued to create content for YouTube. For example, on May 9 he released a nearly two-hour-long video in which played the story-based game The Stanley Parable.

Soda has been open in the past about his struggles to meet demand, even leading to a serious Adderall addiction. So, it will no doubt be a relief to fans that he is taken some time away from the camera.