Mizkif says Ice Poseidon plane swatter was apparently jailed for 10 years

Shay Robson

Mizkif has revealed that the swatter that lead to the infamous IRL streamer Paul ‘Ice Poseidon’ Denino being permanently banned from Twitch after he was removed from an airplane by police has been jailed for 10 years.

Ice Poseidon was once one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. Notably, he was the first-ever IRL broadcaster on the platform, and he also had no boundaries with content. All of which combined led to his channel exploding in popularity.

However, it all came to an end after one viewer called in a false bomb threat as Denino live-streamed himself on a plane, which ended in the aircraft touching down in Phoenix and police escorting him off the aircraft.

The incident resulted in Ice Poseidon being permanently banned from Twitch. Now, his former cameraman turned Twitch star Mizkif has revealed that the swatter was caught and jailed for 10 years.

While reacting to Dexerto’s documentary about the rise and fall of Ice Poseidon, Mizkif revealed that from what he knows, the swatter was caught and subsequently imprisoned.

“I do have to say this chat, from what I’ve heard, the guy that did that bomb threat is in jail for 10-years,” he explained. “You do not f**k with the FBI, you just don’t do it.

“They are a way better than you at anything, I think that guy was … I’m pretty sure they caught him and he’s in jail for good. Probably I would guess for well over 10 years.”

(Timestamp at 15:23)

More than five years since the plane incident, Ice has made several appeals to Twitch, but still remains banned from the platform.

Additionally, the banned streamer has recently come under scrutiny from fans after the failure of his CXCoin cryptocurrency, which some have called a “rug pull,” but has since pledged to pay back $150,000 to investors.

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