Sodapoppin says he had family issues after “deserved” Twitch ban

Sodapoppin discusses Twitch banTwitch/Sodapoppin

Twitch streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris discussed his two-week ban from the platform, revealing he had family issues following his controversial “blackface” clip.

Sodapoppin was finally unbanned on Twitch in late April after an incident where he applied dark make-up to a character in a game before remarking “hmm, black face” and added more color.

While Soda apologized for the clip, claiming that he “didn’t notice how that correlated” and was “just throwing random make-up on the face,” he was met with a two-week suspension for his actions.

As it turns out, his Twitch ban affected more than just his online life as even his family members were concerned that the streamer could be racist.

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Sodapoppin apologyReddit
Sodapoppin offered an explanation and apology for the incident.

Sodapoppin reveals family struggles following Twitch ban

On April 28, Soda addressed the ban, explaining that after looking at the clip for him, his suspension was deserved, but there were far greater consequences than a fortnight away from streaming.

“It is very frustrating that I have family members calling my brother Ryan asking if I’m racist,” Morris said. “That does piss me off.”

He went on to note that he explained his thought process in a post on Reddit where he claimed it was all an honest mistake.

“I saw some comment, someone said, ‘Chace is stupid enough to actually have f**ked up and not realize what he was doing,’ and I looked at that comment and I’m like, ‘I don’t know if I should be happy or sad,’ but it’s true,” the Twitch star added.

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It’s not clear if the streamer has gotten his family issues under control or if the problems are persisting, but hopefully, the Twitch star will be more careful going forward and keep these problems from happening to begin with.