Sodapoppin responds to backlash for hitting out at Esfand during Sh*tcamp Twitch event

Sam Comrie
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Twitch star Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has clarified his comments regarding fellow streamer Esfand, after spending time with him at Sh**camp 2021.

The crudely named Sh**camp 2021 brought together some of Twitch’s biggest stars for a few days of collaborative streams that took over the streaming platform.

While fans and the creators involved may have enjoyed the streams and different activities immensely, some of the streamers – mainly Sodapoppin and Esfand – butted heads on occasions.

Now, the Twitch star has clarified his comments where he criticized Esfand’s presence at the event and some of the pair’s interactions.

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Sodapopping responds to “shut the f*ck up” comments

Recollecting his time on the Sh**camp trip, Sodapopping began by saying: “I’ve never wanted to punch someone more in entire life, than Esfand, on this trip.”

Explaining how there were “15 streamers in a room,” Sodapoppin said that Esfand should “shut the f*ck up” and that he’d “gotten mad at him.”

Despite initially calling out Esfand’s behavior, the streamer went on to clarify his comments, saying that he “had a blast with him” at the end of the day. Sodapoppin thinks that some viewers “take his sh*t too seriously” when it comes to heckling other streamers and not everything is meant how they interpret it.

“I just know him very well, so I can say mean funny things like that,” the streamer added on his relationship with Esfand.

Ending his clarification on a comedic note, Sodapoppin added that it was a good thing Esfand as at a roast event, as “none of his jokes would’ve been funny.”

The Sh**summit will convene this Winter for another few of wacky streams and collabs.