Sienna Mae slams “vicious bullying” amid Jack Wright accusations

Connor McCrory
Sienna Mae Jack Wright TikTok Sexual Assault
Instagram: Jack Wright / Sienna Mae

On Wednesday, February 23, TikTok star Sienna Mae joined the BFFs podcast to discuss the ongoing allegations regarding Jack Wright. Almost immediately after the episode aired, Mae uploaded an op-ed to her personal blog accounting “vicious bullying” she’d received as a result of the ongoing accusations.

In May 2021, TikToker Sienna Mae was accused of sexually assaulting fellow TikTok star Jack Wright by his friend, Mason Rizzo.

Almost immediately after the allegations surfaced, a video began circulating online in which Mae could be seen on top of Wright allegedly groping him.

While most fans believe Mae was dating the fellow Hype House members, she shot down the idea by telling podcast host Josh Richards “we weren’t dating.”

The TikToker claims “vicious bullying”

Content Warning: This section of the article contains suggestive language regarding a sensitive subject and may not be suitable for some readers.

In an op-ed piece posted by Mae on February 23, the 18-year-old claims she continues to be “viciously bullied online,” and that she has received thousands of negative comments referring to the situation.

Mae attached just a few of the thousands of screenshots she received.

Sienna Mae responds to leaked video of her and Jack Wright
YouTube: Sienna Gomez
Sienna Mae posted two videos denying the claims made by Jack Wright’s friends

“From DMs and emails to me, to entire accounts dedicated to posting hate about me, to hate comments and attacks on people who express their support… All of this hate being driven based on words said and made online, not based on facts or evidence,” Mae stated in her op-ed.

In addition to Mae’s claims about bullying, she claimed that a Calculated Hate Campaign was launched against her.

“My team was trying to figure out how thousands upon thousands of people were commenting very similar phrases in record speed, specifically under Jack’s Youtube video,” Mae writes.

According to the TikToker, someone allegedly paid money to attach what is called a “master bot” to Wright’s YouTube channel in an effort to “sway public opinion” about Mae.

While no legal proceedings have been filed by either party, Mae has recently voiced that she is considering pursuing legal action for defamation over Jack Wright’s assault allegations.