Sienna Mae returns: TikTok star explains comeback after Jack Wright assault allegations

TikToker Sienna Mae makes a comebackInstagram: siennamaegomez

Sienna Mae has returned to the internet after a month away from the spotlight. The controversial TikTok star acknowledged the Jack Wright allegations on a YouTube video posted July 6.

Sienna was making headlines in May for allegations of “assault” in regards to her ex-boyfriend, Jack Wright.

On June 1, Sienna refuted the claims on her YouTube and Instagram channels. “I unequivocally deny the allegations,” she said. “I cared about (Jack) on a personal level.”

Sienna then took an unannounced, month-long break from social media.

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Sienna Mae addressing allegations YouTube videoSienna addressed allegations in a two-part YouTube video uploaded July 1 and 4

On July 6, Sienna posted a comeback video titled “after a month away.” In the video, she explained her decision to take a step back from the drama.

“I decided to take a month off… due to the negativity surrounding my platform,” she said. “It was honestly one of the most difficult times of my life.”

Her comeback statement implies that she’ll be concentrating more on her work from now on. “My purpose in life is to create,” she explained. “Whether that’s silly TikTok dances or showing unedited photos of myself.”

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At the end of the video, Sienna thanks her “family, friends, partnerships and sponsors” before performing a dance to Sam Smith’s ‘Young.’

Fans React to Sienna Mae return

Fans’ reactions have been less than favorable across YouTube and Twitter. Many expressed frustration for how quickly Sienna has been “forgiven.”

“Some of you guys are really two-faced,” one commenter wrote. “Throw away these influencers,” said another. One fan simply responded, “no thanks.”

A few fans also praised and defended Sienna. “Y’all don’t even know the full story,” one viewer said. “Sis really said actions speak louder than words,” wrote another.

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Will fans learn to accept Sienna in time? Or has she made her comeback too soon?

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