Jack Wright responds to Sienna Mae’s apology over sexual assault allegations

Alan Bernal
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TikToker Jack Wright responded to Sienna Mae Gomez’s apology days after opening up about his experience and the sexual assault allegations against his ex-girlfiend.

In his response, the 18-year-old TikToker suggested Gomez is “struggling” with the truth about what happened between them. Both parties have largely dealt with the issue offline since videos of the two went viral in mid-2021.

The latest back-and-forth between them stems from Wright’s video on the matter which immediately caused Gomez to lose hundreds of thousands of followers.

Jack Wright responds to Sienna Mae

jack write response sienna mae gomezJack Wright via defnoodles
Jack Wright’s response to Sienna Mae Gomez’s denial of the assault allegations.

Gomez’s denial of the accusations prompted Wright to quickly address the matter, this time writing out his response to the public.

“I truly appreciate Sienna’s acknowledgment that she made mistakes and that she did not fully understand consent. It is a step in a positive direction.

“I believe Sienna is struggling to face the truth and the harmful, painful choices she’s made. Every word in my video is the truth. I hope she continues to get the help she needs so this never happens again.”

Though Gomez did not agree with Wright’s retelling of the events that led to the allegations against her, she apologized for making him feel “uncomfortable” during their relationship.

After her apology, Gomez said there was “a distinct line between that [their physical relationship on camera] and sexual assault.”

It’s unclear if the two parties will want to continue engaging in legal capacities in the future, but they don’t agree with each other’s account of the incidents that happened between them.

Referring to his initial video response, a representative for Gomez told NBC on January 22 that Wright “continues his campaign to slander Sienna Mae Gomez with further false accusations.”