Shyla Walker slams Austin McBroom for sharing photo of her daughter on social media

Shyla Walker levies serious allegations against austin mcbroomYouTube: The ACE Family, Social Gloves / Instagram: @shyla

Influencer Shyla Walker is shutting down YouTuber Austin McBroom after he purportedly shared a photo of her daughter, his niece, to social media without her permission.

Shyla Walker is putting the ACE Family on blast once again, levying several major accusations toward Austin McBroom after he posted a photo of her daughter online.

Walker has had beef with the ACE Family before, but her latest accusations are turning heads as McBroom gears up for his upcoming boxing match against AnEsonGib in September.

In a now-deleted series of posts on her Instagram stories, Walker shared a screenshot of a direct message she’d sent to McBroom, where she asked him to stop posting her child on social media after he purportedly shared a photo of her daughter in a boxing gym.

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“Stop posting my kid,” she wrote. “Post your three content makers and leave mine out of it, dookie boy. You’re really a dumb motherf**ker. Do you really need another lawsuit? Think about that.”

“I don’t even care to blackmail you or anything like that. I won’t post anything of the content of you at your little wh*rehouse you begged me for the footage for… leave my kid out of it, weird a** b*tch.”

Shyla Walker Austin McBroom Instagram storyInstagram: shyla

She added more statements on top of the screenshot, where she accused McBroom of cheating on his wife and using IVF to “make sure it was a boy” — alongside several other serious allegations against him and his father.

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“Oh, and how you tried to have security k**l and r*pe Cole what’s-his-name when ‘that’ video came out,” she added. “Yes, him and his dad do it together. Yes, his mama knows too and supports it.”

Shyla appears to be referencing an incident that took place back in 2019, when YouTuber Cole Carrigan accused Austin McBroom and his father of allegedly sexually assaulting a woman.

In response, McBroom claimed he’d “been a victim of extortion, defamation, and slander” and threatened legal action over the matter.

McBroom has yet to publicly respond to Walker’s post at the time of writing.

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