Shroud proves his human aimbot skills even work in GTA RP

Connor Bennett

Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has made the transition to play the role of a cop in GTA RP – and he’s even been able to put his astounding aiming skills into use.

GTA RP, a multiplayer mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, has had several spells on the top of Twitch’s most viewed games chart. While a hardcore community has built up around the add-on, it’s popularity has been helped by bigger streamers latching on and bringing their own brands of entertainment to Los Santos.

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has led the way – with his Charles Johnson persona getting in trouble with the police on a regular basis, yet, his good friend shroud has gone down the straight and narrow route, picking up an official police badge and gun. After only a few days, he’s put that gun to use, just like he does in every other title.

Rockstar GamesThe GTA RP police force act as the moderators of a server – enforcing the law.

During his August 22 stream, the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional was on the hunt for criminals in the deserted forest portion of the map, after his fellow officers struggled to surround and capture the offenders. 

With bullets ringing out from both sides, shroud played a helping hand by taking down one criminal. “What’s up son,” he said, delighted with his takedown – even though his unit wasn’t exactly celebrating just yet. 

Just like he used to do back in his CS:GO days, shroud also set his sights on another offender – taunting them with calls of “peek me,” after the streamer had already damaged them. 

Of course, the surrounded criminal obliged, allowing shroud to finish off the lethal takedown with a headshot – leaving his fellow officers to mop up with the arrests and paperwork needed to throw them away in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. 

As he’s only a cadet right now, and is still learning the ropes, it might be a little while yet before Sheriff Shroud is unleashed on the popular NoPixel server by himself with the full force of the law. 

Yet, his ability to take down criminals and save his new teammates’ lives will go a long way in proving himself.

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