Shroud turned down massive streamer kickball event to play New World instead

Shay Robson
shroud on esports

Twitch stars were once again brought together for the sequel to the successful Sh*tcon, and this time it’s as Sh*tcamp, but shroud opted out to play Amazon’s new MMO instead.

Kicking off on September 26, Sh*tcamp hosted some of the most popular streamers in what was dubbed as the “most ambitious crossover event.” The unofficial Twitch event included a variety of challenges and segments, from scavenger hunts to ghost stories, organized all by QTCinderlla.

The major event and the headline of Sh*tcamp, was, of course, the kickball tournament, which saw 32 content creators at once facing off in a grueling four-hour-long competition. But, as Twitch’s most popular streamers from members of 100 Thieves and OfflineTV gathered, one decided to opt-out, the FPS king himself, shroud.

Shroud on Valorant vs CSGO
Twitch: Shroud
Shroud’s impressive previous FPS career has earned him the title of the FPS king.

Amazon’s new MMO, New World, has taken over the genre by storm, with layers being tasked with building their 17th-century civilization, and streamers are loving it, so much so that shroud will even miss out on huge events like Sh*tcamp.

As all eyes were on the kickball tournament, shroud revealed that he contemplated attending, but he turned down the offer so he could play New World instead.

“So I thought about going to this kickball event, just to hang out, but then I wouldn’t be on New World.”

The end of Sh*tcamp came with the end of the kickball tournament, though the final installment of the collabs Sh*tsummit is expected to take place in the Winter, we may hopefully see shroud partaking at the event.

All in all, Sh*tcamp created unforgettable memories for those involved, and even created some memorable moments for the viewers, as the male participants dressed in drag, to Ludwig’s hilarious Mogul Money clips with Sodapoppin.