Shroud reveals his favorite part about leaving Twitch for Mixer

Brent Koepp

During his November 7 stream, Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek revealed the best thing about joining Mixer, and also explained the main factor behind why he made the decision to leave Twitch.

Following in the footsteps of Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins, shroud turned the streaming industry on its head when he announced that he had also signed an exclusive deal to stream on Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer on October 24.

During his latest broadcast, the former CSGO pro teamed up with Benjamin ‘DrLupo‘ Lupo, where the two discussed the reason why he decided to leave Twitch, and also revealed his favorite part about joining the new streaming platform.

Instagram: @shroudThe streaming star shocked the industry when he left Twitch in October to join its competitor Mixer.

Shroud’s “favorite” part about Mixer

The two streaming giants were talking about various topics, when DrLupo asked shroud how his transition to the Microsoft platform had been so far. “It’s been good! No complaints!” the human aimbot exclaimed. 

He then opened up further and explained that he likes the freedom the streaming platform brings. “My favorite part of being here is that I can play whatever the f*ck I want, and not have to feel so pressured to play the game that everyone wants me to play,” he said.

DrLupo agreed, before he talked about pressures creators feel all the time around having to please their audience. “You constantly in your head are like “Today I’m gonna lose a thousand subs!” You’re different, you’ve always been one of the highest sub to channels,” he said. “But it’s still got to take a toll mentally. You feel like you owe people stuff.  Now you’re secure you can do whatever you want!”

Loving his new freedom, shroud replied, “Yeah, that’s part of the reason I swapped too. Having that security of just knowing no matter what I play, I don’t have to sit there and stress that “Oh sh*t my viewers went down, you know, 10 thousand, uh oh!”

While it’s unclear how much money shroud made in the exclusive deal with the platform, it seems to have been extremely lucrative for the streamer, as the Mixer star no longer feels the constant pressure of having to please everyone and feels more secure.

It seems to have paid off for him as a huge chunk of his Twitch audience has followed him to the Microsoft platform, and as of the time of this article he has over 740k followers, and his streams regularly pull in 15-20k viewers.

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