Cloakzy explains why he turned down huge multi-million dollar deal to join Mixer with Ninja

Christy Mathew
cloakzy, timthetatman, ninja in a live stream

YouTuber and Twitch streamer, Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore has revealed that he was offered a $7 million deal by Microsoft’s streaming platform, Mixer, before the platform went defunct.

The streamer revealed while he was talking about the advantages of streaming on Kick, along with Ninja on TimTheTatman‘s stream.

The three were collaborating together as they were opening expensive cases in CS:GO and their goal was to open crates worth 10,000 in their latest stream.

Cloakzy expressed that he wants to reveal the deal he got, even if these things are usually kept private. “F*** it, I’ll say the deal. I’m in,” – but Ninja assumed was the streamer about to reveal a potential move to Kick.

He attempted to stop him from revealing any details about it, but, Cloakzy explained he was talking about a deal he was offered years ago.

What was the $7 million deal offered to Cloakzy?

The YouTuber said, “Mixer brought me a deal worth 7 million dollars.” Cloakzy added, “And I said no to it because I care about every single person that has subbed to me and their sub streak. That’s what I cared about. I said no to seven million dollars.”

“That would have been double what I made ten years on Twitch. And I cared about everyone’s sub streaks so I said no to it.”

Topic starts at 2:56:20

Many streamers have been looking for a better option than Twitch, which has led to the debate about Kick gain traction. The streaming platform has enjoyed a rise in popularity especially after big creators like xQc, joined in a deal worth $100 million.

Even Ninja has started streaming on Kick after the new restrictions imposed on Twitch regarding simulcasting on other websites. Creators cannot stream on multiple platforms while continuing to stream on Twitch without getting banned.

Ninja himself joined Mixer, in a deal estimated to be worth more than $10 million, as did shroud, but when the platform shut down, they both moved back to Twitch.

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