Shroud can't resist mocking Tyler1 with another Minecraft gag - Dexerto

Shroud can’t resist mocking Tyler1 with another Minecraft gag

Published: 8/Oct/2019 9:21 Updated: 8/Oct/2019 10:07

by Calum Patterson


Top Twitch streamers Michael ‘CS:GO pro has taken another cheeky shot.

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Both veteran streamers, shroud and tyler1 exist in the upper echelon of Twitch’s ranks, boasting millions of followers each, some of whom crossover as fans of both channels.

So when the pair take digs at each other, they know it will eventually reach the other, as viewers will send the clip across to ensure they have a chance to respond.

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Twitch: shroudShroud continues to poke fun at his fellow streamer.

In April, tyler1 took the first strike, trying to start a drama with shroud (by jokingly claiming he used a viewbot) to help him win the popular vote for ESPN’s poll of favorite esports personality.


In response, shroud has taken any opportunity he gets to poke fun, mocking Stienkamp’s height by joking that he was a tiny zombie in Minecraft, which had attacked his girlfriend and fellow streamer Bnans.

And he’s back at it again, and in Minecraft again too, after making his character’s height ridiculously small, shroud jested “Woo, I’m tyler1!”

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His previous encounter with ‘tyler1’ in Minecraft saw him take out the miniature zombie as it attacked Bnans, calling out “come here tyler – don’t you hit my girlfriend like that!”

Tyler1 rarely actually plays Minecraft, except for a small stint for Keemstar’s Minecraft Monday event, so it’s unlikely we’ll get a rebuttal in-game.


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If he hears shroud’s comments though, he’ll no doubt have a witty response lined up.

The pair’s friendly feud is bound to be stoked up by their fans too, who will make sure tyler1 knows all about the latest mockery from his fellow streamer.