Tyler1 tries to start drama with shroud to win ESPN contest - Dexerto

Tyler1 tries to start drama with shroud to win ESPN contest

Published: 6/Apr/2019 13:02 Updated: 6/Apr/2019 13:11

by Calum Patterson


Two of the biggest names on Twitch, Tyler ‘Tyler1‘ Steinkamp and Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek, are going head to head in ESPN’s esports and gaming personality poll, and the former is bringing out some dirty tricks in an effort to win.

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Shroud and Tyler1 head-to-head in popularity vote

Both streamers are immensely popular, and their massive followings have earned them a spot in the top eight of the poll, but now face each other head-to-head.

At the time of writing, shroud has a healthy lead over his fellow Twitch streamer, and so Tyler1 has resorted to some underhanded tactics in an effort to take over.


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Riot GamesTyler1 is getting well-beaten by shroud in the Twitter poll.

Both streamers attract plenty of viewers on their respective streams, well into the tens of thousands, but it looks like shroud’s fans are showing up more in the vote.

Seeing that he was slipping behind, Tyler1 explained on his April 5 stream, “honestly I’m just going to start drama on Twitter,” before revealing his fiendish plan.

“Shroud view bots guys,” he states plainly, “Shroud’s a view botter, whatever fine, let the blatant view botter win guys.”

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Shroud on the other hand has remained pretty quiet on the poll, but did send out a single tweet commenting on how interesting of a match up it was – even though it’s currently pretty one-sided.


In fairness, Tyler1 hasn’t shared the vote to his followers on Twitter, as he has not posted anything since December 2018.

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    The ESPN polls are essentially just a popularity contest but have had fans supporting their favorite personalities proudly, and it’s even got a little nasty at times as groups of fans defend their pick.