Shroud reveals how many Twitch subscribers he’s lost due to WoW Classic

Twitch: shroud / Blizzard

Popular World of Warcraft Classic on a more regular basis.

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Shroud became a star on the popular streaming platform thanks to his incredible skills on games like Apex Legends and PUBG, but following the release of WoW Classic, the former CS:GO pro has been grinding his way through dungeons and quests on an almost-nightly basis.

Not all of his viewers enjoy this content though, and during his September 9 stream, the Canadian gave a glimpse at how his subscriber count has changed since he transitioned to the incredibly popular MMO.

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WOWShroud has been grinding WoW Classic, but it has come at a cost.
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While streaming his gameplay, a chat member commented that shroud had lost 5,000 Twitch subscribers since he had started playing WoW, a claim he didn’t agree with.

“Not really,” the 25-year-old responded. “I don’t think five thousand.”

“Realistically, I’ve probably lost two or three thousand, because you still lose subs normally. I don’t gain subscribers playing other games. I was at my peak, and then the peak starts to fall. So not five thousand, probably three, which is still a lot, but when you’ve got to play Wow, you’ve got to play WoW!”

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The streamer didn’t reveal how much those subscriptions are worth, but by using the price of a Tier 1 subscription at $4.99, and the baseline Twitch partnership revenue share which sees the platform and the creator share the money equally, it’s estimated that shroud is losing at least $7,400 compared to August. 

While shroud openly admits that he has seen a decline in his subscriber count since his decision to stream the game, he has previously admitted that he is willing to lose money and viewers for the game, even stating that he would love to become a full-time WoW streamer.

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In fact, his addiction to the game is so huge, that he’s enlisted the help of his girlfriend in the past to avoid queue times, and was even playing off-stream as he continued levelling up his character.

Whether the drop in subscribers will encourage him to drop WoW entirely is unknown, but based on his previous comments about how having fun was more important than viewership, it seems the only thing that will trail him away from the game is frustration, or a new title that captures his attention.

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