Shroud explains why only one game still gives him an “adrenaline rush”

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For star streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, there is only one game that still induces a rush of excitement, and it’s one that he’s been playing quite a bit on stream recently.

Being a gaming legend has been a double-edged sword for shroud, who is considered to be among the greatest players in the history of first-person-shooters.

While it’s set up the foundation for him to become what he is today, being good at almost every FPS game he’s touched has led to many of them growing stale.

In fact, he recently revealed while streaming that there is currently only one game that gives him a real rush when he’s playing – Escape from Tarkov.

The former CS:GO pro has been a big fan of the tactical FPS game; in fact, it’s pretty much all he’s been playing on stream in recent weeks.

Battlestate GamesShroud revealed that Escape from Tarkov was the only game that still gives him an adrenaline rush.

Why does shroud love Escape from Tarkov so much?

The reason why shroud loves playing Escape from Tarkov so much is that it offers a combination of things that no other game can currently match, at least in his eyes.

“Tarkov is so much fun, it’s so easy to play, it’s so relaxing, at the same time it’s so intense,” he explained. “I don’t really get an adrenaline rush playing games anymore, unless it’s Tarkov. Tarkov is the only where I get into a tense situation and I actually feel it. I miss that feeling, and that’s why I love Tarkov so much.

“When you bring a really-kitted loadout and you’re in a firefight and you don’t want to die, it’s really fun and intense,” he went on. “Not knowing where people are. That’s why I love EFT.

Battlestate GamesThe unpredictability of Escape from Tarkov is what shroud loves about the game.

For shroud, the unpredictability of Escape from Tarkov is something that he values, and the reward of coming out on top is much more than just some in-game currency and items.

“You’re in a ‘scav raid,’ and all of a sudden there’s three geared players in front of you and you maybe almost win or you do win. No better feeling than winning a fight where you’re not supposed to.”

“But then again, there’s also a sh*tty feeling of when you lose a fight where you’re not supposed to, but that’ll happen,” he said. “There are so many emotions, this is why I love Tarkov so much. There are so many emotions for me playing.”

Following that segment, shroud gave his verdict on whether or not the game will be available on console anytime soon. While he doesn’t think that it will be on the current lineup of consoles, the Mixer star did predict that Escape from Tarkov would “probably” be compatible with the next generation of gaming systems.

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