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Shroud says CSGO developers are “lost” after Shattered Web update

Published: 23/Nov/2019 21:11 Updated: 24/Nov/2019 15:22

by Brent Koepp


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just got its latest patch ‘Operation Shattered Web’ on November 18, but Mixer star Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek explained why the game needs to be “fixed”, suggesting Valve “don’t know what do”.

Former CSGO pro shroud has become one of the most popular streamers in the world due to his god-like skills in FPS that have earned him the nickname ‘human-aimbot.’

However, the streamer didn’t seem too thrilled about the latest patch for CS:GO when a fan asked him what his thoughts were on the latest patch Operation Shattered Web.

The Mixer star argued that while the patch was a step in the right direction, it had “zero significance” until Valve “fixes” the popular FPS, and explained how they could do it.


Instagram: @shroudThe Mixer star had some choice words for CSGO during his latest stream.

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Shroud explains how to “fix” CSGO

During his November broadcast, a fan asked him what he thought about the latest CS:GO Operations, and the Mixer star replied “Counter-Strike’s lost, they don’t know what to do.”

The streamer then followed up his criticism by saying, “But at least they are doing something though,” before he explained to his audience what the developer needs to “fix” about the FPS.

“It’s pretty easy to fix, and it starts with kind of what they are doing right now. But their focus should be on cleaning up their matchmaking,” he stated.

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The Mixer star then hilariously compared the game’s matchmaking to the hit horror film The Purge. “Their matchmaking, they just let it run free. It’s like Purge. F*cking Purge day. That’s matchmaking!” he said.

“Just have fun guys, f*cking do whatever you want. No rules, no laws. Just cheat away!” shroud exclaimed, as he argued the game’s matchmaking has become less regulated.

The former CSGO pro then claimed that it’s become “miserable” for players as a result of the Wild West-like nature. “Or don’t cheat, be miserable. It’s f*cking weird.”


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The criticisms didn’t stop there, as the streamer then exclaimed, “Once they fix this, this update that they’ve done would have worked. But it’s pretty much a free-for-all in the world of Counter-Strike.”

He also argued that the game’s current state doesn’t appeal to anyone, including both the pro scene, and casual players. “The update has zero significance to anyone. To pros to casuals,” he stated.

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Shroud finished his rant by saying that he wished the game’s developers would fix the issues. “It’s lame. It really is, because Counter-Strike is a fantastic game. But the devs just don’t know what to do,” he said.


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Shroud turned the streaming world on its head, when he announced in October that he was leaving Twitch for Mixer, following in the footsteps of Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins who had done the same in August.

Despite abandoning his previously popular channel, his move has seemed to pay off, as he currently has 840,000 followers on his new channel, proving that his audience will watch him on any platform regardless to watch his gaming skills.