Shroud & Tarik debate CSGO vs Valorant over which is harder amid Source 2 hype

Shroud and Tarik stood in front of Cache and Fracture maps from CSGO and ValorantRiot Games/Valve/Sentinels/EG

Twitch stars shroud and Tarik, once again, reignited that debate between Counter-Strike and Valorant, with them both agreeing on which one is harder of the two. 

The Counter-Strike series has been around for over 20 years at this point, and CS:GO in particular has had a stranglehold on the FPS genre for quite some time. 

While Valorant has some Overwatch-esque elements with agent abilities and CS:GO is more on the classical, hardcore FPS side of things, the two have constantly been pitted against each other since Riot Games entered the arena back in 2019. 

Despite the never-ending debate, and rivalry, the pair been able to co-exist and have both thrived. CS:GO has been constantly breaking its peak player count amid excitement about Source 2. So, it was only natural that shroud and Tarik – both former CS pros – brought it back to the fold when they teamed up for some games. 

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Shroud and Tarik debate whether CS:GO or Valorant is harder

The pair, who have both embraced Valorant since leaving CS behind, hopped on to CS:GO for some games during their March 15 stream, when shroud popped the question about which game is harder. 

“(CS is) Harder, 100%. Was that a trick question?” Tarik answered. “I think Valorant is harder strategically, but mechanically, I think this game is four times as hard,” shroud replied. 

“There’s a lot of s*it to account for in Valorant, like ultimates getting refreshed and shit. In this game, they’ve been doing the same A execute for like 20 years,” Tarik added, which prompted some laughs from everyone involved. “Every five years they come out with a different smoke pattern!”

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With the seeming impending release of Source 2, which has got the Counter-Strike community on tenterhooks, it’s a debate that is unlikely to ever die off – especially as esports pros keep swapping between them. 

There’s obviously space to enjoy both as a player and fan, which the streamers have been able to do. But even they know CS is king at the end of the day.