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Shroud explains why he won’t play Fortnite despite its popularity

Published: 19/Jan/2019 14:35 Updated: 19/Jan/2019 14:47

by Calum Patterson


As one of the most popular Twitch streamers on the platform, Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek is somewhat of an anomaly given that he almost never plays the website’s most popular game – Fortnite.

With over 5 million followers on his Twitch channel, shroud, a former professional CS:GO player, is truly among the upper echelon of video game livestreaming, and has maintained this position in spite of paying little attention to the most popular game.


Fortnite’s battle royale mode, released in September 2017, has since become the most streamed and watched game on both Twitch and YouTube, and skyrocketed the careers of streamers who dedicated their content to it.

ELEAGUEShroud has become one of the biggest streamers in the world since retiring from CS:GO.

Although shroud has played the game occasionally, mostly during early 2018, he has scarcely even mentioned the game since – which has perplexed some of his viewers.


During a stream on January 18, shroud was debating on what game he could play, discussing with his chat, when one fan suggested Fortnite – but the streamer was clearly not interested.

“Bro, I’m not playing Fortnite – Fortnite’s for losers,” shroud joked, continuing “I’m just kidding, but, actually though…”

This isn’t actually why shroud avoids Fortnite though – as he explained in a stream on January 13. Despite Fortnite’s massive popularity, admitting that he has likely missed out on “millions” by not playing it, he says he never does anything in streaming just for the money.


“For sure, I’ve lost millions by not playing [PUBG Mobile] and Fortnite. But how many millions does one man need? I think I’m going to be ok, I’m making an excellent living. I feel like you need to be happy with what you’re doing – I’ve never been about the money.”

He goes on to say that he would never sacrifice his “happiness” just to make more money,

Shroud has focused his efforts on other battle royale games like PUBG and Call of Duty’s Blackout, as well as ‘variety’ streaming, playing all manner of new releases and lesser known titles.

It’s testament to his incredible skill and entertaining persona that tens of thousands of viewers continue to tune in regardless of which game he is playing.


How to watch FaZe Clan Among Us In-Vent-Ational: schedule, players more

Published: 15/Oct/2020 15:35

by Jacob Hale


FaZe Clan have announced that they are running an invitational Among Us tournament — smartly dubbed the “Among Us In-vent-ational” — in October, with top content creators, streamers and more getting in on the action.

Among Us has become the game of choice for many top creators, with a party-game atmosphere and a great way to find out who your real friends are and test your own poker face.


The announcement for the tournament was made on October 14, with the esports organization confirming it will take place on Monday, October 19.

Though details are still fairly scarce, we’ve compiled everything you need to know here including when the tournament takes place, who’s likely to be playing and how you can tune in.


Start date & schedule

FaZe Clan among us inventational
FaZe Clan
FaZe Clan are capitalizing on the growing popularity of Among Us.

The tournament takes place entirely on Monday, October 19, with the action kicking off at 2pm PT (11am ET / 7pm BST), and will likely play through the entire evening, especially as it appears to only be a one-day event.

It’s not clear yet how exactly they will schedule matches, and it will likely come down to how many players they have involved: of course, the more players, the more they’ll have to fill out the schedule.


Though no specific streams have been announced so far, there will likely be loads to watch. On top of all of the individual participants themselves, who will want to stream off of their own channels, there will probably be one or two official broadcasts to catch the action on.


One of these will probably be the GoBoom TV Twitch channel as they are involved with organizing the event, just like they do with the Code Red tournaments. FaZe’s own Twitch channel may also broadcast the games, which we’ve embedded here so you can easily tune in.

Who is playing?

FaZe haven’t confirmed any names yet for who will officially be competing, instead asking fans to tag who they want to see playing.


That said, they’ve likely got a huge list of names ready to go, especially of FaZe members who want to get involved, so expect to see some top YouTubers, streamers, FaZe pro players and even celebrities getting in on the action.

With the In-Vent-Ational just a few days away, there will be more information on the tournament over the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled here to get all the updates and find an updated schedule, who’s playing and everything else.