Shroud explains why he can’t compete with Asmongold for best MMO streamer

. 4 months ago
twitch streamers asmongold and shroud
Twitch: Asmongold, shroud

While he hails from the land of FPS, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is no stranger to MMORPGs, citing Asmongold as Twitch’s best MMO streamer.

Despite his storied career in the professional CS:GO sphere, Twitch sensation and streaming phenomenon, Shroud, doesn’t restrict himself to playing just FPS games.

While he’s quick to share his opinion on the likes of Valorant’s latest Agent, Neon, he’s poured hours into Lost Ark and New World, finding a home away from home on the glistening shores of both Arkesia and Aeternum.

These emerald pastures have also become the home of Twitch behemoth Asmongold, whose post-Lost Ark return has seen him skyrocket to the top of the charts once more. But just how has he done it? Shroud has all the answers.

shroud streaming on twitch
Twitch: shroud
While shroud cut his teeth in CS:GO, he’s branched out into more games than we can count.

Shroud explains why Asmongold MMO streams “kill it”

While enjoying his time traversing the dimly lit dungeons of Smilegate’s Lost Ark, Shroud confesses that streaming MMOs is something he finds pretty difficult.

“MMO streamers have got to be good at talking,” he states. “That’s why Asmon kills it, he’s just awesome to listen to really. Asmon is just great to listen to, and that’s my biggest problem when I play MMOs.

“MMOs to me are just like my escape almost. I just play some MMOs, chill, vibe, enjoy my time. It’s casual, it’s laid back,” he continues, concluding “but if you mix casual and laid back on a stream nobody cares about that stream because you’re not talking.”

Despite claiming that MMO success depends on the gift of the gab when it comes to streaming, Shroud continues to reel in tens of thousands of viewers a day no matter what he plays.

Sure, Asmon will likely continue to dominate the MMO category for the foreseeable future, but who knows, maybe he’ll have a welcome challenger in Shroud; only time will tell.

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