Shroud is addicted to Lost Ark, and the Twitch star regrets everything

. 4 months ago
Smilegate / Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s addiction to Lost Ark reached new heights after the Twitch star admitted the first thing he thinks about every day is his daily quests that need doing. He even said he regrets installing it — albeit somewhat jokingly.

Shroud wasn’t keen on Lost Ark when it first launched, claiming it was the most boring game he’s ever played. However, that changed shortly after, and it wasn’t long before he’d become addicted to the game.

According to SullyGnome, he’s streamed the game for almost 130 hours now, with an average of 19,000 viewers per stream. He also revealed the insane amount of money he’d already spent on microtransactions.

However, he realized the extent of his addiction on stream, joking that he’d be playing it for the rest of his life and admitting he can’t wake up without thinking about doing dailies before saying he regretted installing it.

lost ark arena filled with spectators look out at classical-inspired army
Smilegate RPG
Shroud is one of many streamers fascinated with the new MMO.

“I’m going to be playing this game for the rest of my life,” he said at one point during the stream. “I’ve got to do my dailies. When I wake up, and I know I have dailies and they’re not done, it’s like, that feeling is…”

He couldn’t finish the sentence, sighing in agony after realizing how severe the addiction had become.

“I should have never installed this game,” he added. “I should have never installed it. I should have just stayed out.”

Lost Ark has taken the world by storm since releasing on February 11, toppling League of Legends and GTA V as the most popular game on Twitch. So, there’s a good chance he isn’t the only one addicted.

However, the hours he’s spent streaming the game have produced many memorable moments for viewers, too, like when a raid went hilariously wrong due to a party member who couldn’t follow simple instructions.

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