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Shroud explains why Valorant’s “underpowered” Neon needs a buff

Published: 4/Mar/2022 11:05

by James Busby


Neon may be the fastest Agent in Valorant, but shroud believes the electrifying Duelist needs a major buff to help become a viable pick. 

Ever since her introduction to Valorant, Neon has often struggled to find her place within the game’s meta. The lightning-fast Duelist is known for her ability to rush onto objectives, stunning her enemies, and electrifying those that get in the way of her ultimate. 

Despite having access to some incredibly fun skills, many players believe Neon is in a poor place in terms of competitive viability. In fact, Valorant pros like EXCEL’s paTiTek have been keen to voice their opinions on her place within the VCT. 


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek also highlighted why he thinks Neon needs a major buff, with the streamer believing that she may even need a rework. 

Shroud explains why Neon needs a buff

Neon official Valorant art
Riot Games
Shroud believes Neon needs a buff.

During his recent Valorant Stream, shroud decided to pick Neon. While the popular FPS streamer has voiced his concerns around the Sprinter in the past, he hopes Riot Games buff her in a future update. 

“Neon’s underpowered,” explained the shroud. “We’re probably more likely to see a Neon buff rather than a nerf, or just a different change.” While the hyper-aggressive nature of Neon’s kit enables players to go for quick flanks and corner slides, there’s often very little reason to pick her over other Agents. 


Despite not being a massive fan of Neon’s playstyle, shroud did note that one of her abilities is currently a little too effective for the buy-in price. “Her stun is a little cheap, her stun should be a little bit more money.”

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However, the streamer notes how the Duelist’s ultimate is what really lets her down. This is largely due to the amount of risk it takes to use. After all, Neon players have to aggressively pursue their targets, before shooting them with a stream of electricity. 

It may seem like a powerful ability, but using it in high ELO lobbies can prove tricky. “Her ult could use a tweak or a buff. Her ult’s pretty bad,” said shroud. Whether Riot will buff or rework Neon in the future remains to be seen, but for now, the speedy Duelist remains a contentious pick.